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Dolcedorme Valle Glaciale

The Park Director is responsible for the staff employed by the Authority, and is functionally subordinate to the President.

Pursuant to art. 9, paragraph 11, of Law No. 394/1991 (Framework Law on Protected Areas which came into force on 28/12/1991), the Park Director is appointed by the Minister of the Environment after public competition or by private law contract stipulated for no more than five years with individuals on a list of suitable persons for the activity of Park Director.
As enshrined in the Statute of the Park Authority, as part of the general functions provided by law for managers in the Public Administration, the Director performs, in particular, the following tasks: formulates proposals to the President for the definition of the objectives of the programs to be implemented; adopts the acts of technical, administrative and financial management for the implementation of the programs of the Entity including acts having external relevance; adopts the acts of personnel management, including labor relations; autonomously exercises the powers of expenditure related to his own functions; performs the functions of secretary of the Governing Council and the Executive Council, and signs, with the President, their deliberative acts.

Ing. Arturo Valicenti - Acting Director.

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