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Pollino national park

The Park Community consists of the Presidents of the Regions and Provinces, the Mayors of the Municipalities and the Presidents of the Mountain Communities in whose territories the Park areas are included.

The Park Community elects from among its members a President and a Vice President. It is convened by the President at least twice a year and, when requested, by the President of the Park Authority or by one third of its members.

The Park Community is an advisory and propositional body of the Park Authority. In particular, its opinion is mandatory: on the Park Regulations, on the Plan for the Park, on other matters, when requested by one third of the members of the Board, on the Budget and the Final Account.
The Park Community resolves, subject to the binding opinion of the Governing Council, the Multi-year Economic and Social Plan and supervises its implementation. It also adopts its own Regulations.

Renato Iannibelli - President

The Park Community has its headquarters in Castrovillari (CS) - Palazzo Gallo.

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