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Museo di San Paolo Albanese (foto Francesco Vigliotti)

Museums and thematic tours


Museum of Arbëreshe Culture in San Paolo Albanese

Objects, images, stories, songs and films offer visitors an exciting and incredible journey through the history and culture of arbëreshe: from the techniques used to work brooms, to everyday objects, clothes, songs.


Thermalism Museum in Latronico

Set up in the old thermal baths facility built in 1928, it was founded by the administration of Latronico and Pollino National Park. The aim was to study and inform about the thermal activity of the area.


International Museum of Graphics (Castronuovo Sant’Andrea)

Due to the special character of the collection and the work that it intends to do, MIG coexists with the renovated 'Alessandro Appella' municipal library, rich in more than 30,000 volumes ready to meet the needs of the 24 municipalities that make up the Pollino Park and some neighbouring towns.


Arbëreshë Museum (Civita)

Meta di numerosi turisti, al suo interno si possono osservare oggetti della civiltà contadina, costumi arbëreshë, una biblioteca monotematica che riguarda l’etnia, una rassegna fotografica su tutte le comunità arbëreshe d’Italia e immagini della liturgia bizantina. 


Il Nibbio – Naturalistic Research Center of Pollino di Morano Calabro

Pollino National Park has a prestigious Center purposely dedicated to help visitors discover the most fascinating sides of nature.


Literary Park Isabella Morra – Valsinni

The Literary Park, which is always open, provides the Center with all the paperback and audio-visual materials on Isabella Morra and the places where she lived, trapped in the vice of anxiety and despair, cheered up by hopes and bitter disillusionment.


Virtual Museum of Ajeta

The Virtual Museum of Aieta, Mu.Vi.D'A. is situated at the Renaissance Palace of Aieta. It was founded in July 2012 by the inventor Piero Di Giuseppe. The Virtual Museum is meant to offer tourists a chance to dive into the history of the burg.


Chilli Museum in Maierà

A museum which tells six thousand years of history. A place to showcase art, objects and advertising inspired by the 'diavolillo'. A must-see reference for lovers of spicy perfumes and flavours. The evidence and memory of a great love for Calabria, which has elected it as a symbol of its cultural identity.


Wolf Naturalistic Museum

At the behest of the Pollino National Park Authority, in collaboration with the municipal administration, Museo Naturalistico del Lupo (Wolf Naturalistic Museum) was opened in Alessandria del Carretto in 2014 with the aim of raising public awareness of the respect and protection of this important protagonist of the local fauna at risk of extinction.

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