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Article 57 paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree No. 165/2001, as amended by Law No. 183/2010, requires public administrations to establish within them the Single Committee of Guarantee for equal opportunities, the enhancement of the welfare of those who work and against discrimination (CUG).

The Pollino National Park Authority, in compliance with the legislative provision, established the CUG by Determination No. 1177 of Nov. 21, 2013, issuing regulations governing its functions.

Among the objectives of the CUG:

1. to ensure, in the context of public work, gender equality and equal opportunity, strengthening the protection of female and male workers;
2. to ensure the absence of any form of moral or psychological violence and discrimination, direct and indirect, relating to gender, age, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, disability, religion and language;
3. to encourage the optimization of public work productivity, improving the efficiency of work performance, including through the creation of a work environment characterized by the contrast of any form of discrimination.

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