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Geoparco Campotenese

The 75 geosites in the Park area represent an inestimable landscape and environmental value, the first evidence of the territory's exceptional biodiversity and great historical, anthropological and cultural wealth.

The identified geosites have been organised in homogeneous territorial systems, from a geological and geographical point of view, and correlated with the other landscape-environmental and historical-cultural peculiarities of the territory.
The landscapes are inscribed in such evocative and constantly changing scenarios that some of them can be considered unique, making the Park one of the most important sites of interest for earth sciences and a valid example for Geotourism.

System 1: The Pollino mountain range and the shapes of the Wurmian glaciation

1) Pollino Great Gate
2) Pollino Mount
3) Pollino Mount Glacial Circles
4) Pollino Mount snowfield
5) Piani di Pollino - Piani di Toscano
6) Peak of Serra Dolcedorme
7) Dolcedorme-Pollino glacial cirque
8) Dolcedorme glacial cirque
9) Serra del Prete glacial cirque
10) Glacial valleys at Bosco di Chiaromonte
11) Serra delle Ciavole
12) Manfriana Mount
13) Impiso Pass - Piani di Vaquarro
14) Dolina di Piano di Ruggio
15) Little Dolomites of Frascineto
16) Coppola di Paola

System 2: Plan of Campotenese

17) Plan of Campotenese

System 3: The Orsomarso mountains and the shapes of the Würmian glaciation

18) The Montea
19) The Mula
20) Caramolo Mount
21) Cozzo del Pellegrino
22) Piani di Novacco (Dolina di Masistro)

System 4: Alpi Mount

23) Alpi Mount

System 5: The main river valleys

5.1 Raganello Valley
24) Raganello Gorge
25) Barile Gorge

5.2 Rosa River
26) Gorge of the Rosa River (Castello della Rocca)

5.3 Argentino River
27) Argentino Valley
28) Pietra Campanara - Corno Mozzo
29) Palanuda Mount - Falaschere - Crivi di Mangiacaniglia

5.4 Sellaro Mount - Torrente Caldanello
30) Sellaro Mount
31) Caldanello Torrent

5.5 Corvino Valley
32) Sasso dei Greci
33) Upper Corvino Valley (at the foot of Sasso dei Greci)

5.6 Mercure - Lao River
34) Gorges of the Lao River
35) Abandoned historical centre of Avena
36) Abandoned historical centre of Laino Castello
37) Mercure Valley
38) Mercure Spring
39) San Giovanni spring

5.7 Sarmento Valley - Sinni Valley
40) Sand towers and/or erosion pinnacles
41) Sub-calcareous forms or conoids of the Sarmento-Sinni
42) Stone Trunks
43) Biancane in the Sinni Badlands
44) River terraces of the Sinni
45) The Flysch of the Sarmento
46) Caves of S. Giorgio Lucano
47) Carnara Mount
48) Coppolo Mount - Lake Candela
49) Ophiolitic sequence of Timpa delle Murge
50) Ophiolitic sequence of Timpa di Pietrasasso
51) Ophiolitic sequence of Sorgente Acquafredda
52) Calcescists of Sorgente Catusa
53) Anticline of the Ghiaia di Episcopia Quarry
54) Seluci 'Green Stones' Castle

5.8 Frido Valley - Peschiera
55) Frido River spring
56) Peschiera Stream - Magnano Woods
57) Amphibolites Torrente Peschiera - Cropani
58) Pelato Mount
59) Madonna of Pollino
60) Serpentinite Quarry of Timpa del Castello
61) Convent Ruins Sagittario Path Cropani

System 6: Carbonate monoclines

62) Garavina Gorge
63) Pascalone Smoothes
64) St. Lawrence Timpa
65) Cassano Timpa
66) The Falconara

System 7: The main karst caves

67) Romito Cave
68) Monaca Cave
69) Bifurto Abyss (Cerchiara di Calabria)
70) Caves of San Paolo
71) Cave of the Nymphs (Cerchiara di Calabria)

System 8: Monte Cerviero - Colle di Trodo

72) Monte Cerviero
73) Hill of Trodo

System 9: Historical geomineral resources

74) Mount Cava dell'Oro - S. Donato di Ninea
75) Salt marsh of Lungro

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