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Info Point 2023

Also this year, the Pollino National Park Authority's infopoints will be operational in the Pollino National Park territory, thanks to the collaboration with the Association of Official Guides of the Pollino National Park.

The two active points, managed by the Official Guides throughout the duration of the project, will be open from July to the first ten days of September at the Campotenese Catasta in Morano Calabro (CS) and at the Sandro Berardone Ecomuseum in Rotonda (PZ). In addition to these locations, a travelling infopoint will be operational in August, with San Severino, Orsomarso, San Lorenzo Bellizzi, etc., among others.

Dates and locations updated week by week can be viewed on the Facebook pages of the Pollino National Park Authority and the Pollino National Park Official Guides Association.




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