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Castagno del Parco Nazionale del Pollino

The Executive Board consists of three members: the President, Vice President, and one member elected by the Executive Board from among its members.

Its functions are established by the Framework Law on Protected Areas, the Statute and the Park Authority Regulations.
Pursuant to the Statute of the Park Authority, the Board is responsible for: formulating proposals for acts within the competence of the Governing Council; taking care of the execution of the resolutions of the Governing Council; adopting all those acts that do not fall within the exclusive competence of the Governing Council; exercising the functions delegated by the Governing Council.

The Governing Council, pursuant to Article 9 paragraph 6 of Law No. 394/91, by resolution No. 15/2021, proceeded to appoint the Executive Board in the persons of:

Domenico Pappaterra - President
Valentina Viola - Vice President
Angelo Catapano - Component

Attendance fees for participation in each meeting of the collegial bodies.

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