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Pollino ecomuseum
Ecomuseo Verticale

Set up at the Santa Maria della Consolazione Monumental Complex in Rotonda (PZ), it embodies the entire heritage of the Pollino Park, a living element capable of representing the life of the Park's territories: natural and cultural landscape.

A meeting between nature, history and technology, the Ecomuseum narrates every aspect of the Park's territory in a simple and engaging way, configuring itself as an attractive pole for visitors of all ages.

Opening hours
Monday to Friday
9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Online bookings are suspended

From the history of the Park, to the flora and fauna, to the culture and traditions, the exhibition route involves visitors in a fascinating journey of discovery of the protected area thanks to exhibition supports and innovative technologies (exhibit and edutainment) based on the new languages of museum communication, and the support of images, films, reconstructions in 3D graphics, tactile, visual and auditory environments.

The Pollino Ecomuseum represents as a whole the environmental and cultural heritage of the National Park, providing visitors with all those suggestions, emotions and information capable of soliciting and enticing them to visit and directly discover the wonderful landscapes of the protected area.

Pollino ecomuseum areas

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